Since more than fifty years, the French sculptor Jacques Le Nantec celebrates the Female Beauty, while he expresses his passion for bronze.
Barbaric Princesses draped with teared heavy tissues or romantic young girls, as well as voluptuous passengers of his “Meteorites”… all the Beauties have a date with his oneiric and sensual sculptures.
They are exhibited at IaoHin Gallery of Macao.
澳門游衍畫廊2013年首個個展『讓美麗永恒綻放』將於 3月20日正式開幕。由法國雕塑家Jacques Le Nantec分享他從上世紀60年代至今對青銅雕塑創作的熱忱,同時歌頌女性的愉悅嫵媚。
『讓美麗永恒綻放』- Jacques Le Nantec引領我們到他夢境中旅遊。 偽裝嬌飾的野蠻公主、綺麗純真的少女和妖嬈性感的乘客一同乘着 “隕石” 墜落到這次展覽。讓我們來一個絢爛迷惑的約會吧!


Exhibition period 20.03.2013 – 05.05.2013
IAOHIN GALLERY﹣Macau Rua Da Tercena No. 39-A澳門果欄街39-A