Avant-garde amber jewlery art from Poland meets Macau fashion brand.

Once worshiped as a piece of the sun fallen to Earth by ancient Neolithic tribes, the lustrous amber from the Baltic Sea still attracts joy to the wearer. Amber has become one of the earliest gems human used as an ornament, an amulet, and a medication, generating unlimited admiration, inspiration and passion. As a witness of life dating back to at least 40 million years ago, Baltic amber varies from transparent through translucent to opaque with a multitude of hues of yellow, red, brown, beige and white, as well as bluish and greenish tints; no two pieces of amber are exactly the same.

Bringing amber designer jewellery to Macau for the first time, celebrated designers from Europe (including Mariusz Gliwinwki and others) showcase in this festival a carefully selected collection of avant-garde amber pieces, combining modernity, perfection and natural expansion of vitality, given a new face to the amber fashion era. Replica Cartier Watches The fake breitling exhibition also displays an artwork by amber craftsman master Swiss replica watches Lucjan Myrta, while Macau-born fashion designer Barbara Barreto Ian has created a series of amber-inspired clothing, bursting out a creativity crossover with the jewellery designers and their work.



本次展覽除了將展出Lucjan Myrta大師的琥珀藝術品(價值高於10萬澳門幣),多位世界級波蘭珠寶設計大師、工匠及專家亦將偕同其精心創作的珠寶作品遠赴出席本土中葡混血時裝設計師Barbara Barreto Ian亦應邀創作出一系列以琥珀為靈感來源的澳門品牌時裝設計,跟珠寶朝相輝映,迸發出新的創意效果。