As part of the Korean Art Exhibition, two famous South Korean female artists are coming to Macau to present their best contemporary works.
Oh Young Sook (오영숙) and Kim Yeon Ok (김연옥) are known for their unique visual arts and paintings, combining traditional Korean style with modern design and patterns.

Oh Young Sook described her own art as following:
“My art work looks like a puzzle at first glance because it consists of geometric shapes of pentagon and hexagon.
As the dots gather and fake tag heuer become the lines, and the lines become the planes, the geometric shapes of pentagon and hexagon gather together to create the new figure. When you look at my art closely, you can only see the geometric shapes and cannot recognize the figure. However, you can see the whole figure from a distance. $149 Replica watches Thus, my art creates innovation from the original substance”.

Kim Yeon Ok was born in 1960 Incheon, South Korea and graduated from the Kyungki University with a major in Art & Design. She received a number of awards and her work has been exhibited at over 30 exhibitions and art fairs worldwide. Art critic Lee Kyung Mo reviewed her art in following words:
“Kim Yeon Ok has been searching for the possibility of a new communication, by bridging the gap between the traditional motifs and timely criticism in her own work, in which she achieved formal completeness. Rolex Replicas Her personal style is to attach folded cotton cloth at regular intervals. She is an alchemist, who raised the vulgar value to the level of sublimity.”

韓國當代藝術尤如萬花盛放,在國際藝術 舞台上有著它真正的存在地位。在今個冬 ⽇日,澳⾨門游衍畫廊邀請到兩位出⾊色的韓籍 ⼥女藝術家, Oh Young Sook (오영숙) 與 Kim
Yeon Ok (김연옥) ,展出她們最引⽽而⾃自豪的作品。傳統的韓國⾵風格圖像柔合了現代設計模式,衍出了奇妙的獨有視覺藝術畫⾯。

Oh Young Sook ⾦金形容她⾃自 ⼰己的藝術如下:“我的藝術作品乍看起來像一個謎,因為它是由五邊形和六邊形的幾何形狀組成。隨著⼩小點聚集,成為線條,線條變成平⾯面,五邊形和六邊形的幾何形狀慢慢呈現,創作出新的圖像。當你近觀我的藝術時,你只能看到這些幾何形狀⽽而看不出圖像。但是,當你站在遠處觀賞時,圖像即浮現眼前。因此,我的藝術作品解構原創的獨特性和物質,尤如重新編寫代碼,演化出另⼀一新原創。

Kim Yeon Ok 這位藝術家於 1960 年出⽣生於仁川,畢業於 韓國京畿⼤大學的藝術與設計 專業。她獲得了多項獎項, 她的作品也曾在全球 30 多個 展覽和藝術博覽會展出。藝術評論家李敬莫這樣回顧 她的藝術:“這位藝術家一直在尋找⼀個新的溝通⽅方式的可能性,柔合傳統的圖案和現世時事,在她⾃自⼰己的作品中,她取得了絕對的完整性。她將棉絮折疊並有規則地繫上,衍出奇妙的⾵風格。她好⽐比⼀一位煉⾦金術⼠士,將庸俗的價值昇華到崇⾼高的⽔水平,將韓國圓形的傳統形像與現代的有趣元素和諧地溶會在⼀一起。”