IAOHIN Gallery gladly presents “Breathe” – a group fine-art photography show linking up three distinguished, award-winning photographers from three different regions, each with his very own distinctive style and techniques.

Putting aside his trademark documentary style recording the old faces of the city of Macau that are fast dying out, the senior national photographer Chan Hin-Io decides to surprise the audience by exhibiting some of his very old photos taken in the early days of his career, depicting some of the most extraordinary scenery of China.

Winner of “Selected Title” of the prestigious Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2012, the Irish photographer James Clancy comes from a background of film-making, music and theatres.  Still being influenced by film James’ works, many of them are photo series, have a narrative character, evoking a sense of nostalgia and mysticism.

Silver Medal winner of the prestigious Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3) for the Fine Art-Architecture/Non-Pro category, Gold Medal winner of New York International Photography, ReD Ognita is a Filipino fine-art photographer who is now based in Beijing, China.  ReD has an original and distinctive approach to solitary landscapes and architecture.  He continuously gains recognition and popularity with his stunning black and white images in square format all over the world.  His work appears like a Chinese water-and-ink painting; the images carry a sense of Oriental beauty that impresses many, drawing you into a state of silence that one would want to hold his breath.

BREATHE by IAOHIN Gallery is an inspiring show that makes your mind trip, with a collection of images that opens us to a dimension of serenity and calm, quiet the chatter in our mind, and reconnect us with our breathing.

Opening: Wednesday 14 August 2013, 6PM


呼吸』陳顯耀 , James Clancy , ReD Ognita 藝術攝影聯展 

游衍畫廊 有幸邀請到 澳門著名攝影師陳顯耀先生, 聯同兩位海外, 各自擁有自己獨特風格和技巧的國際傑出獲獎攝影師。他們是:菲律賓攝影師ReD Ognita (法國巴黎Prix de la Photographie 藝術攝影組別銀獎,及紐約國際攝影金獎得主) 及愛爾蘭攝影師James Clancy(其黑白攝影集<國家邊境>於著名的Deutscher Fotobuchpreis中獲得殊榮)。

一向以紀實風格著稱的本地知名攝影師陳顯耀,於這次創作中放下了城市的累贅,拍攝出一系列壯麗動人的山水景象,表現出攝影師能動能靜的一面,給予觀眾一種身心得以舒展的感受。而ReD Ognita的一系列黑白作品中,以拍攝東方建築及湖光水色為主,畫面中煙霧縈繞、水色倒影配合得當的留白,令作品仿如中式的水墨畫作,充滿東方美感。James Clancy的作品則以斑駁和煦的色彩表現森林中的安寧,使人如浴於日光之中,與草木共同呼吸。


開幕時間:8月14日, 星期三, 下午6時。並與藝術家作現場交流

Exhibition period 14.08.2013 – 30.09.2013

IAOHIN GALLERY﹣Macau Rua Da Tercena No. 39-A澳門果欄街39-A