A fusion of maps and architecture… The use of valuable antique maps from Europe and locally sourced in Macau combined with more vulgar materials with a “living history” constitute a series of graphic images that convey the mixed emotional impacts within Pedro’s brief arrival in Macau – split, excited, lost, love, desire for change, open to influences, wonder and most importantly, hope.  “Everything is ephemeral. Everything changes with the passage of time” – like every single material he chose to apply in his works, he is walking in the passage of life that is subject to changes.

『看不見的入口』- 葡萄牙藝術家畢特比詩古個展


Exhibition period 31.05.2013 – 12.07.2013

IAOHIN GALLERY﹣Macau Rua Da Tercena No. 39-A澳門果欄街39-A