James Clancy

James was born in 1971, close to the rural town of Newmarket in North Cork, Ireland. In 1990 he moved to Cork City where he later studied film (with emphasis on camera and lighting design) and worked in film making, music and theatre, producing works which were presented and screened at film festivals and on national television. His love of photography grew from these experiences. Since 2004 he has been working solely in photography with most of his works being in black and white. Still being influenced by film James’ works, many of them are photo series, have a narrative character. Since 2006 James has been exhibiting widely in Europe and Asia. In 2011 he published his first photobook called “Border Country”, a black and white photo series, through Kehrer Verlag. In November 2011 ‘Border Country’ received the predicate “Selected Title” of the prestigious Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2012.

James 1971 年生於愛爾蘭Cork 城北部的鄉村小鎮。1990年移居城中並修讀電影科系,其後從事影音和戲劇製作,其作品於國家電視台及電影節中播放,並受好評。自2004年起,James 獨自進行一系列黑白攝影創作,其作品極具電影風格,蘊含豐富的故事述說性。2006 年,其作品在歐洲及亞洲大量展出。2011 年,其黑白攝影集<國家邊境>更於著名的Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 中獲得殊榮。

*Available at the IAOHIN Gallery


*Available at the IAOHIN Gallery